Monday, July 11, 2005

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Author: Kim Harrison
ISBN # -0-60-57296-5
416 pages

If I had to sum it up in only one word, it'd have to be "disappointing". There was so much potential there: Harrison had all the right ingredients; various paranormal/supernatural beings mingling with humans in an alternative modern day Cincinnati, where a goodly portion of the human race was killed off by killer tomatoes (I kid you not - it was a bio-engineered virus carried in the popular, red, salad ingredients), unfortunately, the recipe went wrong somewhere in the mix & what you actually get is pretty dull & not particularly well written.

The story itself would be alright, but it takes forever to get started, doesn't really go anywhere in the middle & has no proper ending. I was left feeling rather unsatisfied.

Testimony to the case of the dulls is the length of time I took to read this novel: I started on the 5th & finished it today - that's an astonishing 7 days to work my way through it, & to be perfectly honest, it felt like I was wading through glue, the going was so hard.

If I hadn't already bought the sequel (I got them both as a "same choice" deal through a book club) I wouldn't be bothering with it. As it is, I'm planning on reading the 2nd book, "The Good, The Bad, & The Undead" straight away, just to get it over with.

With any luck, the sequel will turn out better than the opening title. Either way, I don't think I'll be keeping these books as what good is a sequel when the 1st book is so dull you'll never want to read it again?

Rating: 3/10


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