Friday, February 03, 2006

Truth & Consequences / The Halloween House by Kelley Armstrong

Author: Kelley Armstrong
1st Published 2005

Truth & Consequences is another Otherworld online short story, which chronicles an incident briefly mentioned in Bitten (the one where Elena went after a con-man with proof of the existence of werewolves). Personally, I would have liked to see this included in the Otherworld Tales 2005 collection, as it would fit snugly with the rest of the stories there. It’s another well-written piece with the distinction of being in the 3rd person (unusual where The Pack is concerned – they’re usually written in the 1st person).

The Halloween House is completely unconnected, but a nice little teen mystery with a slight horror slant to it. It’s more a short study of changing relationships as children grow up, set against a normal, suburban backdrop with the obligatory “spooky house” down the street. It’s well-rounded tale, which has an easy appeal to it.

Both stories are only available on Kelley Armstrong’s official website.

Rating: 6


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