Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not Quite a Mermaid: Mermaid Friends by Linda Chapman

Author: Linda Chapman
ISBN # 1041320532
Publisher: Puffin
1st Published: 2006
87 pages

Electra is a mermaid with a difference – she has legs instead of a tail! Of course, this means she stands out from her friends a little so when they all go on a trip to Craggy Island it’s the cause of teasing from some of the older mermaids. But when two of them are stranded high on a rock in the sun with no way to get back into the water, it’s up to Electra to save the day!

This tale (or should that be ‘tail’?) of a human girl brought up as a mermaid is perfect as a bedtime story for little ones or to read along with slightly older children. It is fun and full of adventure with an important message; accept others for who and what they are as well as being happy with the person you are yourself – it’s alright to be different! The pictures are colourful and appealing, and compliment the story well.

An excellent treat for little girls who dream of combing their hair with seashells and swimming with dolphins.

Rating: 7


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