Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Doomspell by Cliff McNish

Author: Cliff McNish
ISBN # 1858817625
Publisher: Orion
1st Published: 2000
214 pages

In a blaze of light, rush of wind and scrabble of claws, Rachel and Eric are ripped through the wall and hurtled on to another world. Like thousands of other children before them, they have been snatched away by the Witch.

But this time the Witch has met her match. Rachel discovers that she has extraordinary gifts: she can transform herself into a feather, or fly on an owl’s back, just as the Witch can. The Witch is excited – she has found someone to use for her own evil purposes. But for the Witch’s victims, Rachel is their only hope.

McNish has created a world akin to Narnia – a world perpetually covered with snow, where the inhabitants are under the spell of a powerful Witch from another world. There’s just the right mix of action, adventure, magic and fear mixed in to get the adrenaline running. The ending felt like it was purposely left open for a sequel and, right enough, when I checked I found it’s the first in a trilogy, so I may well find myself with a couple more books being added to my ever-extending list.

Rating: 6


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