Sunday, October 01, 2006

Girl with a One-Track Mind by Abby Lee

Author: Abby Lee
ISBN # 0091912407

Publisher: Ebury Press

First Published: 2006

310 pages

Rating: 8

'They say men think about sex every eight seconds - I want to know what they think about for the other seven...' Abby Lee is smart, sassy, and perpetually single. Frustrated with her mediocre love-life, she's now looking for the kind of sex she's always wanted. This is the intimate diary of her extraordinary journey. Never one to turn down an opportunity - even if it does include the use of a whip, the thrill of the outdoors, or the involvement of a third party - Abby enthusiastically romps her way through a series of one-night stands, casual flings, and same-sex shags. But as she revels in her sexual quest, Abby meets Blog Boy and begins to wonder: will she ever be able to give up the bed-hopping and finally settle down?

Many people write blogs secretly wishing to have their talent “spotted” and end up with a lucrative book deal, but most don’t ever really expect it to happen to them; however, that’s precisely how this book came about. Abby Lee realised there was a lack of representation among bloggers of women who enjoy sex and aren’t afraid to talk about it. And not just sex, either, but having lots of sex, of thinking about it all the time, of having kinky thoughts, of being experimentative and not being made to feel like a freak about it.

It’s refreshing to read something so open and easy to read, especially written by someone who’s ballsy enough to be completely explicit when it comes to saying out loud what many women think and feel, but keep hidden away for fear of being labelled “slut” (or worse!).

This completely frank diary has caused a bit of a stir and the anonymity of the author was not left intact by the time the tabloids were done (she maintains the anonymity was more about protecting her future relationships and her home life than being ashamed of anything she’s said or done), but it remains a fascinating read that you will whiz through and be finished before you realise it!

And it’ll probably have many readers thinking up a few fresh ideas for the bedroom too!


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