Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gabriel García Márquez – Of Love and Other Demons

Title: Of Love and Other Demons
Gabriel García Márquez
Translated by: Edith Grossman

ISBN # 0140256369

Publisher: Penguin

First Published: 1995

147 pages

Format: paperback

Rating: 3/10

Olympic Challenge:

The story of Sierva Maria de Todos
los Angeles, who is bitten by a rabid dog and subsequently confined to a convent. There the girl is thought to be possessed by devils, but Cayetano Delaura, the priest charged with her exorcism, falls in love with her instead - and her reams of red hair.

I found this quite confusing and rather disappointing, although I'm not certain whether this is due to the translation or the original writing itself. It started out slightly fairytale-ish, but everything seemed to get mixed up and I kept losing track of what was going on and over what kind of time-period - I'm still not certain, even now that I'm finished. It sounded so promising, but I felt absolutely nothing for any of the characters - I found I couldn't really care less what happened to any of them, nor could I identify with the reasons behind any of their actions - nothing was ever explained.

I'll not be bothering with anything else by this author - I've been put right off.


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