Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Simone Lia – Fluffy (Graphic Novel)

Title: Fluffy
Author: Simone Lia

ISBN # 9780224080484

Publisher: Random House

First Published: 2003 - 2005

187 pages

Format: Hardback graphic novel

Rating: 7/10

Originally published by the author in four volumes, Fluffy is described by Simone Lia as 'a story of unanswerable questions, love, despair, adventure and happiness'. Fluffy is a baby rabbit who is being looked after by an anxious, single man called Michael Pulcino. Michael tries to make it clear to Fluffy that he is not his daddy, but Fluffy appears to be in denial. Michael is being pursued by Fluffy's nursery school teacher, and partly to escape her, he and Fluffy set off to visit his family in
Sicily. Will Michael escape her? Will Fluffy come to terms with the reality that he is not a human being? All is at least partly resolved in Simone Lia's utterly irresistible graphic novel.

This is such a sweet book! With gorgeous black-and-white line drawings and the most mundane of story-lines, it's surprising how engaging it is. Complete with dysfunctional family and a rabbit that refuses to believe he's a bunny. Although the style and lack of any sex or violence might lead people to think this is aimed at a younger audience, a quick look at the plot reveals a slightly darker sub-story. Despite this, it's a gentle and heart-warming read.

Just lovely!


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