Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Gatherer by Jerry Bayne

Title: The Gatherer
Author: Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 9781419687365
Publisher: Book Surge
No. of pages: 330
Rating: 6/10

Synopsis (from back of book):
In Italy, the Catholic Church unearths a subterranean chamber during an archaeological dig in which a primeval scroll is found, dusted off, and taken to Father Frank Daniel in New York City for interpretation. The father, with the able assistance of Dr. Cary Blake, an ancient languages expert, reveals the scroll's sinister message: an unholy entity has been unleashed and is roaming the earth... When the bodies start mounting up in Boston, Detective Mike Sams is at a loss until he joins forces with Dr. Blake in order to make some sense out of the mayhem and terror. As sparks fly between the detective and the linguist, the devastating task of destroying the indestructible looms before them.

I'm a big fan of supernatural horror, so I was expecting a little more from The Gatherer than what I actually got, which was a bit of a disappointment. It has all the right ingredients for a terrifying read, but then just doesn't deliver. At all times, I was just too far ahead of all the characters and felt that I was waiting for them to play catch up. Even so, their uncovering of the scroll's message seemed to come way too easy once they had begun, despite the fact that from the pieces they put together at the start, they should have been able to guess at what was being revealed at a painstakingly slow pace in about five minutes flat.

The burgeoning relationship between Blake and Sams was a bit too twee and mushy, as well as happening far too quickly - the characters weren't really given enough time to get to know one another properly before declaring their love for one another (which they then continued to do on every other page for the rest of the novel).

Still, there were just enough surprises in there to keep me going to the end, if only to try and find out the answers to a few questions that seemed to be ignored completely by the characters (those questions never did get answered, by the way, leaving me a little frustrated).

If you're looking for an easy way to kill a few hours without having to think too hard, then you could read worse, but don't expect miracles from The Gatherer.


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