Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter – A Treasury of Myths, Legends & Fascinating Facts by David Colbert

Author: David Colbert
ISBN # 0141320605
285 pages

This book is not approved by J K Rowling, but it’s hard to imagine her disapproval of such a little gem. Answering questions from “Did alchemists really search for a magic stone?” to “Are any of the ‘Famous Witches & Wizards’ real?” & covering everything in between, this book looks at the fact behind the fiction, along with the myths & legends that inspired some of the people & places in the Harry Potter books.

I managed to get hold of a second edition which includes information for Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, so nothing for the Half Blood Prince, yet, but I fully expect a new edition will be released eventually, maybe once the seventh episode is published.

It’s a wonderful little think to dip in & out of, making it more of a “flick through” than a “read through” kind of book, but it’s full of lovely little nuggets of information that make you smile at the cleverness of Rowling & the research she has obviously put in through writing Harry’s adventures. There’s also a handy bibliography to encourage readers to do more research of their own & points you in the direction of writers who have clearly influenced Rowling.

A worthwhile addition to any Potter fan’s collection.

Rating: 7/10


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