Thursday, September 15, 2005

On the Shelf Book Group

On the Shelf is a group for bookworms, bibliophiles & avid readers of any kind of book to chat & tell others about the books they're reading.

This is not a "set text" reading group (you won't be asked to buy a specific book, read it to a timetable & report on it), so please feel free to join & chat about anything you're currently reading, have read, or are planning to read, or your favourite writers & publishers, recommend titles,& make friends with other bookworms & like-minded folks too. Whether you like horrors, chillers & thrillers, murders & mysteries, sci-fi & fantasty, or comedy & drama, you'll find others who enjoy reading the same kind of things & would love to chat about it!

So, it's time to make a nice, hot mug of coffee, kick off your shoes & curl up on the sofa, take a book down off the shelf, start turning the pages & transport yourself to another world!

Come & join us by clicking on the post title or via the link at the side of the screen.


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