Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blast from the Past by Ben Elton

Author: Ben Elton
ISBN # 0552146641
368 pages

Whenever I know I'm not going to have much reading time, I like to nip back to an older favourite, most often one I've read many times. On this occasion I was actually looking for my copy of Past Mortem, but I found Blast from the Past first & decided to re-read it instead. I wasn't disappointed.

All those little plot twists I'd forgotten were recognised & welcomed like old friends as they approached & I'll admit I found myself grinning from ear to ear every time I picked up the book to continue, as I knew, from experience, exactly what was coming next.

This is actually the first book I read by Ben Elton & it still manages to hold up against some of his later, more polished offerings; the sparkling wit & punchy plot are there, all set out with a simplicity that is perfection. I still honestly believe that this is one of his best novels to date.

Even if it weren't, it served as a reminder of how clever Mr Elton can be when he puts his mind to it & makes up for me being bored to tears throughout High Society last week!

Rating: 7/10


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