Sunday, August 28, 2005

Falling Sideways by Tom Holt

Author: Tom Holt
ISBN # 1-84-149087-3
406 pages

It took what felt like forever to read this hideously tedious book. I'll admit to not exactly being a Tom Holt fan. I want to be, as everyone always says "If you like Pratchett, you'll love Holt", but that simply isn't so - I adore Pratchett but so far I've only been able to find one book by Tom Holt that I even remotely came close to enjoying & it wasn't this book, it was Snow White & the Seven Samurai.

Falling Sideways is a confusing jumble of nonsense, barely strung together, to form an incomprehensible hash-job of a book. I hated it. I couldn't see any point to the story at all. I mean, I know it's supposed to be in the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't make any kind of sense at all!

So, yes, I hated this book & I severely regret that I will never gain back the time I wasted in reading it.

Mr Holt, I don't suppose you'll ever see this, but I won't be bothering with any of your books again as I'm always disappointed by them. I'm sorry, but there it is - I just can't see the point in getting into overly complicated plots which go nowhere, characters I just can't bring myself to care about, & confusion just for the sake of it.

In fact, the only positive thing about reading this particular offering is that I've now found something that strips the Kim Harrison debacle of its "Worst & Most Dull read Ever" title. Mr Holt, you've made that experience seem like a dream by comparison. Thank you. It's been dire.

Never again!

Rating: 1/10


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