Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Devil's Footsteps by E. E. Richardson

Author: E. E. Richardson
ISBN # 0-385-73263-5
282 pages

Continuing with the theme of missing children, I picked up a copy of this book which caught my eye in the shop (although I borrowed it from the library) as it looked incredibly sinister - I was right! It's incredibly dark & a gripping read from start to finish.

A local legend - that of The Devil's Footsteps - has been turned into a childish skipping rhyme:

One in fire, two in blood,
Three in storm & four in flood,
Five in anger, six in hate,
Seven in fear & evil eight,
Nine in sorrow, ten in pain,
Eleven death, twelve life again.
Thirteen steps to the Dark Man's door,
Won't be turning back no more.

But what sinister secrets are behind it that's keeping the adults of the town blind to the children that have disappeared over the decades? Why is it that the children know that there's more to be afraid of in the woods - & in other places - than meets the eye?

Why weren't books for kids written like this when I was the age you're supposed to be when you're reading these books? Everything else seems to be watered-down mush by comparison! This is another author of so-called teen-fiction that I will most certainly be keeping an eye on!

Rating: 7/10


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