Thursday, December 29, 2005

Desperate Housewives: Behind Closed Doors by Anonymous

Author: Anonymous (?)
ISBN # 0316732443
Publisher: Time Warner Books
1st Published: 2005
191 pages

Having watched the 1st season from the very start, I quickly became hooked on this TV series without meaning to (I only watched the 1st episode because I wanted to see what this programme, which had knocked CSI – a favourite of mine – off the top spot in the USA, was like). This book continues in the spirit of Wisteria Lane & gives a complete guided tour of the homes & residents of this now famous fictional street.

There are short interviews (where I think I would have enjoyed something a little more in-depth) with the stars of the show, character studies, episode guides & an annotated draft of the pilot script packed into this gorgeous hardback & I read it from cover to cover in much the same manner as I watched the series – I devoured it!

It’s not really a substantial book for the price you pay, but it looks lovely on the coffee table & is bound to get folks talking about the show when they see it there & it’s an enjoyable addition to anyone’s TV companion library, but unless you really enjoyed the show, it’s a bit pointless having it.

Still, as companion books go, this one did pretty much everything that was expected of it & I heartily enjoyed it. Now, with my memory refreshed, I can go back & enjoy watching the 1st season again on DVD whilst I eagerly await the 2nd series to start!

Rating: 7/10


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