Friday, February 03, 2006

Bampot Central / Mellow Doubt / Playground Football / Out of the Flesh by Christopher Brookmyre

Author: Christopher Brookmyre

These short stories are all typical of Brookmyre’s style, with a certain acerbic wit evident throughout that keeps you giggling no matter how serious the situation, whether it’s a Post Office robbery (Bampot Central), a wanted assassin going after child kidnappers (Mellow Doubt), a tale of how to catch a thief (Out of the Flesh) or the out-&-out seriousness of playing footie when you’re a kid (Playground Football).

One thing they all share is a unique Scottishness about them that, surprisingly, doesn’t grate on the nerves at all – not even when the dialogue is actually written with a Scottish accent. They also show a progression of talent – Brookmyre really does keep getting better & better, as anyone who has read all his books can testify. He’s honing his craft as he works, tweaking here & there so that he produces something entirely worthy of everyone’s attention every time.

It’s no secret that Brookmyre is a favourite of mine. In fact, he’s the only overtly Scottish writer I can read & wholeheartedly enjoy - without fail, he never disappoints.

All four of these short stories are available at Christopher Brookmyre’s official site & some have appeared in publications at various points.

Rating: 7


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