Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Ghost Among Us by Debora Hill

Author: Debora Hill
ISBN # 1929374143
Fire Mountain Press
1st Published: 2003
242 pages

When three young women rent a house in Hampstead, they discover they already have an uninvited border: Television talk-show host, Dierdre Hall, Photographer, Charlotte Lewis and Fantasy Painter, Natalie Ladd are thrilled to discover the large townhouse with the reasonable rent. What they don't know is that Sir Jerome Kennington, former Earl of Arden is a long-time inhabitant of the house, even though he has been dead for nearly two-hundred years. The three young women embark on a quest to help Jerome solve his own murder ...and release his soul. In the process they find adventure and romance in modern-day London, while researching the story of Jerome and his beloved Alicia, during the Regency period.

A Ghost Among Us is a light mystery/romance with a great deal of charm. There’s an eclectic feel here, with a coming together of different nationalities – everyone seems to be from somewhere other than London, which is fairly telling in itself, as Britain is shown as a melting-pot of cultures pulling together to reach their goals. During the course of the story, the women learn much about themselves and each other as they work to uncover the mystery surrounding Jerome’s death, meanwhile, he might just be able to teach these modern women and the men in their lives something about good old-fashioned romance!

The Regency chapters are particularly vivid and all the gaiety of high society is colourfully brought to life.

Rating: 6


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