Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan

Author: Glen Duncan
ISBN # 0743220137
Publisher: Scribner
1st Published: 2002
262 pages

The end is nigh, and the Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption, if he can manage to live out a reasonably blameless life on earth. The Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial run - a month with all the delights of the flesh. (The flesh: slightly worn, one previous owner; a writer). But the experience of walking amongst us has more pratfalls and detours than Luce foresaw; instead of teaching us what it's like to be him, Lucifer finds himself beginning to understand what it's like to be human...

I, Lucifer is devilishly clever, fiendishly funny and angelically beautiful all at once. It’s so jam-packed with description I felt I was literally being bombarded by all that Lucifer experiences all at once, but its so wittily done that it just washed into me and became an integral part of the story. Deeply satirical, Duncan has created a version of the Great Adversary that I could really get on board with – I could sympathise with his predicament and understand the motives for his every move.

The style is light, witty and highly enjoyable – I whizzed through it at lightning pace and loved every roller-coater moment of it.

Rating: 8


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