Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Author: Michele Jaffe
ISBN # 0141319763
Publisher: Puffin
First Published: 2006
302 pages

Jas thinks that everyone has a super power: Everyone, that is, except herself - unless you count her extraordinary ability to get herself in trouble. But the last thing Jas expected to do on her family holiday in glitzy Las Vegas was to survive a cat attack and solve a celebrity murder mystery. As she finds herself tracking an unknown killer through a bevy of Vegas parties, Jas develops a huge crush on the possibly evil - but gorgeous - Jack, and manages to collect some valuable life lessons for her "Summer Meaningful Reflection Journal" along the way. Little Life Lesson Number 5: when you go to prison, try not to be wearing a bikini. But despite a few 'mishaps', Jas finally solves the case. And to top it all off, Jack isn't evil, and has a bit of a crush on Jas too. Perhaps she does have some super powers after all...

If you’re looking for fun, fashion and super-sleuthing, then look no further than Michele Jaffe’s heroine, Jas Calihan! Jas attracts trouble like moths to a flame, so when she tries to enjoy a family holiday in Las Vegas, it’s no surprise to her friends that she ends up embroiled in a mysterious plot involving kidnapping, murder and incredibly good-looking guy who’s totally Visa (read the book – you’ll know what I mean!).

This is the first in what promises to be a witty and hilarious series – it have me giggling from the get-go and guessing till the last minute. It’s jam-packed with action, adventure and the occasional haiku, yet still manages to keep things real. Not to be missed!

Incidentally, my own superpowers are speed-reading and an ability to run down flights of stairs whilst carrying full mugs of hot coffee – without spilling a drop!

Rating: 8


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