Friday, July 28, 2006

How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints) by Kathy lette

Author: Kathy Lette
ISBN # 0743248066
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
First Published: 2006
326 pages

All women want to kill their husbands some of the time: "Where there's a will, I intend to be in it," wives half-joke to each other. Marriage, it would appear, is a fun-packed frivolous hobby, only occasionally resulting in death. But when Jazz Jardine is arrested for her husband's murder, the joke falls flat. Life should begin at 40 - not with life imprisonment for killing your spouse. Jazz, stay-at-home mum and domestic goddess; Hannah, childless career woman; and Cassie, demented working mother of two are three ordinary women. Their record collections are classical, not criminal. Cassie and Hannah set out immediately to prove their best friend's innocence, uncovering betrayal, adultery, plot twists, thinner thighs and toy boys aplenty en route but will their friendship survive these ever darker revelations? Sexy, funny and wise, Kathy Lette's irresistible new novel is about women not Having It All But Doing It All. It's about how today's mother is often a married lone parent. It's about the fact that no woman has ever shot her husband while he was vacuuming.

While reading this book I was subject to odd looks from my colleagues as they watched me laughing to myself in the corner of the cafeteria.
I had to explain to several very worried-looking colleagues that no, it’s not a DIY manual and I am not planning the gruesome murder of my beloved spouse; it is merely an incredibly funny novel which really appealed to my wicked sense of humour and I just happen to have a laugh so evil it’s developed a sinister personality of its own.

The chapter titles alone are enough to set me off on a giggle-fest:

Ch 5 If He Wants Breakfast in Bed, Tell Him to Sleep in the Kitchen
Ch 10 The Reason I Don’t Tell You When I’m Having an Orgasm Is Because You’re Never There
Ch 19 I’m Having My Period So Can Therefore Legally Kill You
Ch 25 Where There’s a Will, I Wanna Be In It

Sincerely though, I highly recommend for all you lovely ladies to pick up a copy of this hysterical look at marriage gone awry… and then delight in terrorising the man in your life by grinning like a maniac while reading it in his presence.

Rating: 8


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