Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vampire Beach: Bloodlust by Alex Duval

Author: Alex Duval
ISBN # 1862301948
Publisher: Red Fox Books
First Published: 2006
233 pages

Jason and his sister have just moved to Malibu - to a town full of rich kids whose lives revolve around money, fashion, cars and parties. Jason gets swept along by the excitement and is flattered to be included - and also very flattered by the apparent interest of the stunning Sienna. But these rich kids hide a dark secret and soon Jason finds that their parties involve a little more than the usual alcohol and music! When their secret is revealed, Jason has to decide if he can accept the status quo. Everyone else seems to be able to...and it might just mean he could get closer to Sienna...This is a fabulously glam and sexy take on the classic vampire story - these vamps can live pretty normal lives, no garlic or coffins for them!

Vampires have come a long way since we were treated to the story of Count Dracula – as humans have evolved and become more sophisticated, the vampires have had to adjust right alongside and in Vampire Beach: Bloodlust, Alex Duval has brought the genre bang up-to-date: These vampires aren’t the crusty old guys in evening dress – they’re sexy, sinister and seriously glamorous! The writing is edgy and will appeal to teenagers who will identify with the lead character, Jason, who has relocated to Miami and now has to try and fit in with a new crowd – little realising that they’re facing the same struggles themselves from a different perspective!

This is a fast-paced teen drama that promises to be the beginning of an exciting series, so look out for the second book, Vampire Beach: Initiation!

Rating: 7


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