Wednesday, January 31, 2007

J M Warwick – An Open Vein

Title: An Open Vein
Author: J M
ISBN # 1933963964

Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing

First Published: 2006

213 pages

Format: Paperback

Rating: 7/10

John discovers that Kane is really his father. Because he feels betrayed, he distances himself from his parents and willingly gravitates into a relationship with Kane he hopes will erase lost time. But the father-son bond takes a dark turn when Kane receives kidnapping threats against John. John suspects his parents are responsible. Kane just wants his son safe, and he tells John to stay inside the apartment. Then John gets sick and Kane must care for him. One night, John catches Kane adding drugs to his IV. John confronts Kane. When Kane spins out of control, John wonders how he will draw the line between reality and deception. John’s innocence is given up in a relentless need to prove to himself who he really is, how far he is willing to go to prove love and loyalty, and what he is willing to give up to discover the price of truth.

The writing feels very claustrophobic, which in this case is good, I think, as it adds to the atmosphere. I began to feel as trapped as poor John! It remained tense right to the very end, even after the "big reveal".

Throughout the book I felt incredibly uncomfortable reading it, almost as though I were being watched, which had a hand in increasing the tension. It’s an edgy novel aimed at the young adult market that will certainly appeal to those older teenagers looking for something harder and more adult to read.


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