Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eddie Izzard (with David Quantick and Steve Double) – Dress to Kill

Title: Dress to Kill
Author: Eddie Izzard (with David Quantick and Steve Double)

ISBN # 1852277637

Publisher: Virgin Books

First Published: 1998

160 pages

Format: Hardback

Rating: 7/10

Following his success as stand-up comic and theatrical performer, Eddie Izzard has turned his attentions to the written word. His first book, Dress to Kill, is a series of conversations with writer/presenter David Quantick that claim to reach "deep inside the most original head in
Britain". Presented as a mixture of opinion and autobiography, Dress to Kill is a riveting, witty read that features a number of stunning photographs by Steve Double.

Like Eddie's shows, this book is a constant stream of thought, switching from one disparate subject to another with no apparent links, then a thread from earlier on being woven into another section, seemingly making no sense at all whilst also making perfect sense. It's a look directly into his brain, with some anecdotes from childhood and his early career as well as his experiences while touring. Also jam-packed with fabulous photos of Britain's most loved Transvestite!


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