Friday, February 03, 2006

The Case of the Four & Twenty Blackbirds / I Cthulu by Neil Gaiman

Author: Neil Gaiman

The Case of Four & Twenty Blackbirds is a work of pure, unadulterated genius! It takes a background of Nurseryland & sets in it a gripping gumshoe story – Humpty Dumpty is dead & it may not have been an accident. It’s up to Jack Horner (small of stature) to investigate in true film-noir style. It’s quite the most inventive thing I’ve read in ages & hilarious to boot – really you must go & read it for yourself!

I Cthulu wasn’t really to my taste, but that could be because I’ve never actually read any Lovecraft. I’m certain that anyone who’s read The Call of Cthulu will be able to tell you exactly how funny this piece it. As it is, it gave me a giggle, but little more.

Both are available at Neil Gaiman’s official website.

Rating: 9 & 6


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