Thursday, April 06, 2006

Plague Sorcerer by Christopher Russell

Author: Christopher Russell
ISBN # 0141318554
Publisher: Puffin
1st Published: 2006
198 pages

The year is 1348 and the Black Death is sweeping across England. At Dowe Manor, Lady Beatrice is a victim and a witch-hunter priest, Brother Rohan, persuades a distraught Sir Edmund that Brind, the dog boy, and Aurelie, the French girl, are to blame. The children escape, together with the dogs Glaive and Gabion, and go on the run through a plague-stricken countryside, at one point facing death by drowning from a crazed mob whipped up by Brother Rohan. Even when they think they have found sanctuary in a monastery, it has been taken over by a lawless band of armed robbers, led by the beautiful but evil Chanterell. She has plans to use the dog boy to terrorise the local manors. By now Brind is convinced that he is a plague bringer. Aurelie knows this isn't true, but then she succumbs to the plague herself...

The fear and superstition of 14th century England makes for a scary and exciting adventure as Brind and Aurelie make their way across a country filled with terrified people who believe that witches are responsible for the deadly plague. It’s a dangerous journey with many twists and turns along the way as the friends face fear head on, learning to depend on each other along the way.

A very well-written story with unusual plot twists that will delight and challenge a confident reader interested in historical fiction.

Rating: 7


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