Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Cleopatra Curse by Katherine Roberts

Author: Katherine Roberts
ISBN # 00071284X
Publisher: HarperCollins
First Published: 2006
277 pages

The magnificent "Seven Wonders" series concludes with Romanic chariot race! Historical fiction meets action-packed adventure in this thrilling series for boys. Zeuxis is a 'lighthouse boy', whose duties include collecting fuel for the famous Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria and keeping its fire burning. But Zeuxis' dream is to become a charioteer, and he gets his chance when Julius Caesar plans his invasion of Egypt in 48BC to overthrow Queen Cleopatra. Caesar sends his envoys to Alexandria with instructions to create a riot on race day, so that he can invade the palace. To accomplish this, they need an inexperienced charioteer they can bend to their will!

Historical fiction doesn’t come much better than this! As the last book in the “Seven Wonders” series, The Cleopatra Curse transports the reader back to ancient Egypt and the Roman invasion of Alexandria, plunging one straight into all the excitement and action of chariot racing; tantalising with magic and mystery; and introducing the reader to warmly-drawn characters and very interesting plot that grips the imagination. This is no dry, boring history lesson, rather a colourful rollercoaster ride through terrifying events that changed an empire and the course of history.

A thrilling read!

Rating: 7


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