Monday, May 28, 2007

No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

Title: No Humans Involved
Author: Kelley Armstrong

ISBN # 9781841493954

Publisher: Orbit

First Published: 2007

342 pages

Format: Hardback

Rating: 9/10

No Humans Involved stars necromancer Jaime Vegas. She's on a television shoot in
Brentwood, Los Angeles when weird things start to happen. Invisible hands brush her arms, she sees movements out of the corner of her eye, and unintelligible fragments of words are whispered in her ear. Jaime's used to seeing the dead and hearing them clearly. But now, for the first time in her life, she knows what humans mean when they say they're being haunted. Jaime is determined to get to the bottom of this, but she doesn't realize how low her investigation will take her or what human-based horror she will uncover. As she delves through the dark underside of Los Angeles she'll need as much Otherworld help as she can get to survive unscathed. But Jeremy, the alpha-werewolf is there by her side to offer his protection. And maybe more than that!

If you're looking for cross-genre fiction that has a little bit of everything and really delivers with a lot of "POW!" you can't do much better than Kelley Armstrong.

Despite this being the 7th in the series, this feels as fresh and unexpected as the first - Armstrong is certainly at the very top of her game! This is excellent stuff - I literally couldn't put it down - the proof is that I finished it first thing the morning after starting it late at night (I had to get some sleep in between, after all!). Armstrong’s look at our fascination with “reality” and paranormal television shows gives an intriguing slant, with an excellently satirical portrayal of some of the stars of that genre, as well as showing how dangerous it can be to meddle with things beyond general understanding, and people’s feelings at a vulnerable time, as well as how it can be a comfort to those in need.

This entire series proves that you can have a supernatural/paranormal slant and still keep things within the realms of believability - it's so down to earth you practically get muddy fingers turning the pages. Jaime Vegas is such a great character and it's wonderful to see things from her point of view, especially with her developing relationship with Jeremy Danvers.

I know there's at least one planned with Savannah in the lead, which promises to be another foray into Otherworld gripping-ness! I am absolutely dying for the next instalment, and also to get the first in the new, non-Otherworld series, Exit Strategy. I can see I'm going to be continually waiting with bated breath for every new book by Kelley Armstrong for the foreseeable future!


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