Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who Was Boudicca - Warrior Queen by Sian Busby

Author: Sian Busby
ISBN # 190497760X
Publisher: Short Books
1st Published: 2660
150 pages

Boudicca lives a contented life as Queen of Icenia – though the Romans are never far away. When the new Emperor Nero decides to seize Icenia and finally bring it under Roman rule, Boudicca is forced to stand up and defend her people. Fearless and resolute, Boudicca gathers forces and prepares to fight. For her, slavery to Rome is not an option, even if this means bloodshed and almost inevitable death…

This lyrical book describes the life of Boudicca in true bardic style, spinning her story so well that you can almost hear the battle cries of the Iceni as they fight against Roman rule. Despite being one of the strongest ruling women in British history, she is still a mysterious figure, but Sian Busby manages to bring her sharply to life.

Aimed at more confident young readers, this book is sure to inspire further forays into history with its vivid and exciting tale with a twist.

Rating: 6


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